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lone makeup artist looking onto the city [Tuesday,
July 8th 2008 @ 1:28]
[ mood | bored ]

i love that i have been on set and there is just me and a mini city built.
somebody too a lot of time to build it and light it accordingly.
other than the mini city there is me.

where is the photographer model and rest of the crew?

i enjoy this mini city but secretly want to destroy it.

thought i'd let you know while i continue the waiting game.


November 28th 2006 @ 3:24]
hahaha it has been forever since i posted
anyways that last was was oh so dramatic
and wouldn't you know everything worked out just fine.

to make a long story real short i am back in san diego.

January 26th 2006 @ 8:23]
[ mood | worried ]

okay so big problems in my little world

school starts on the 30th

school deleted my regestration

no school and parents delete me from the house

school and mac deletes me from work

move? stay? fired? fail? todays choices, or lack there of.

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January 22nd 2006 @ 7:15]
[ mood | very uppercrust ]

well i am off for work and a night and monday
in beautiful los angeles california.

tonight is the mac party and a date with theodore

tomorrow i have the day off so i'll be beverly hills trash
along with kristen who i work and friend with

i got to thinking, yes thinking, about how image centered i have become
and that i have been neglecting my personal savior
that being said i am not all too concerned because
while i may seem surface level i am fulfilling my life dreams

well until monday night when we meet again


January 20th 2006 @ 9:19]
this week seems to be going well.

after my two escort clients got into a scrap a few nights ago at mac
i received a personal apology from them.

i have a few new clients that are wonderful to be around

my new cut and color look amazing and my stylist checks me out.

i am using a new combination of products that give me perfect skin

i have a date for the mac party in LA on sunday

this might all seem very superficial but these are pleasures in my life

and for those of you who enjoyed my last collaboration with jesse
you will be pleased to know i am planning a second one
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January 14th 2006 @ 8:02]
surveyCollapse )
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January 8th 2006 @ 12:21]
i have just been blindsided by love
i will be living in la as much as i can
i will be out of the desert in less than 6 months
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January 1st 2006 @ 11:10]
finally an update. i am leaving for a week in la in an hour. things are wonderful in the life of jeffrey. here is the jesse priestly photo shoot final picks. i love them. Image hosted by Image hosted by
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November 24th 2005 @ 12:53]
my internet is down
i am in sd for a few hours
mac cosmetics is working my to the bone,
but it is quite enjoyable
i want a day off for real
oh yes i saw rent last night
and i was sobbing loudly for much of the movie
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November 12th 2005 @ 7:10]
[ mood | overwhelmed ]

okay if you have not noticed livejournal 
is becoming fucking amazing. this my lj 
page is killer. and i highly suggest you 
check out the syndication page. to explain 
that it adds updates from any website to 
you friends list. there is a huge list 
already syndicated. if it is not on there 
on paid members can add a syndicate. i 
added rent blog to mine, and ask joy to 
syndicate on of my favorites. oh yes joy 
several harry potter sites are syndicated 
so you can get the direct updates. mac 
has not called yet so i will call tomorrow. 
anyways back to the subject at hand. i am 
freaking out over all these amazing 
technological advances. 

i am going to start a life blog/podcast 
fashion makeup thing. i am still planning 
and learning which one is better and all 
the technical shit. if anyone knows about 
the subject, give me your rundown of all 
of it. i have very few people on my friends 
list and you are all people that i care about 
your daily existence. you guys are just so 
damn interesting. well that being said i 
promise to become more of a fascinating 
creature myself. 

there are quite a few things i need to do 
to start functioning closer to my potential. 
lets start with the basics (oh this part 
is mostly for my reference so i can just 
get out what needs to be done). 
food- get a consistent diet going 
water- keep up drinking more 
find a minimal exercise routine 
get a standard for maintenance and daily appearance 
ie shaving or scruff, 
hair(cut, color, style), 
that strange idea for obscenely dark fake tan 
(reconsider after today's experiment) 
face wash and moisturizer 
CLOTHES!!! i am down to nothing usable 
plan that life blog/ pod cast stuff 
figure out mac: remember to get what they 
want from me as far as hours go 
get my room together 
meet with CoD about csun 
attend events 
propose finished blog idea to dad 
sewing machine, fabric, make clothes 
fabric from garment district 
find amazing photographer 
work on portfolio 
order magazine subscriptions 
start writing on event, parties, fashion, daily life

November 11th 2005 @ 5:38]
[ mood | blase ]

my parents decided to show up yesterday.
it is a nice gesture on their part.

nothing much happened today or yesterday.

i am learning how to be hip from the internet.
i just find magazines that seem of interest.

earlier i was on a conquest to find compromising
pictures of jake shears and nick rooster.
they exist, but i failed to locate them.

i, like the desert, have become dry.
fuck MAC for keeping me in suspense.

oh i fuck myself by having too much time,
leading me to email tom,
and ultimately comparing our relationship
to optioning stock and bonds.
fuck me.

November 9th 2005 @ 9:57]
some things that made me happy today
my eggo waffles
an amazing phone interveiw with mac
olivia benson in glitter makeup

well on to another night of nonstop sex (and the city)
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November 8th 2005 @ 8:56]
[ mood | bored ]

i seem to be on a threshold
the threshold of a new job
of going to back to school
and a life away from everyone

how do you go about making friends?
especially when my ad is
keep me company, but just for 18 months.

I ought to just hope i have too 
much in between work and school.

tonight i am struggling with one thing
is there life in the desert?(nope)
then how can i line up the reminders
so the only thing i watch is svu
and sex and the city til i am tired

i swear tomorrow i am going to do something
no matter what just something.
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November 4th 2005 @ 7:13]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Where the town folk really that off?
The girl is in an abusive relationship
with a rabid animal and takes advice from housewares.
You can't tell me there isn't a screw loose somewhere.

Well my doctor visit was boring, no Tom.
I had tonsillitis, but it is healing itself.
I had blood taken for hiv and syphilis
(i prefer calling it the clap)
[makes it sound dancy and festive]

Other than that we are packing here
to leave tomorrow morning.
I have become caffeine dependent.

Still terribly excited for my interview.
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November 3rd 2005 @ 10:44]
[ mood | enthralled ]

i have an unnatural obsession

mmm silver calfskin dior homme zipped ankle boots

it is the worst when you can't even find the price

November 3rd 2005 @ 7:34]
i have to be up at 7am tomorrow my mom is taking me to the doctor's at 8am. you may ask why i need to get up so early. it is the office tom collins works for. i have to look my best. my mom was worried about my whacked out left tonsil. i told her not to worry. her response went something like, "don't worry?!! after i gave birth to you brother i ran to the bathroom filling the toilet up with blood. there was a lever for help, but i did not want to bother anyone in the hospital. i would be dead if the nurse hadn't walked in and seen what was happening. you are going!" yeah my meal was not so appealing after that. oh yes, seeing tom would be much better if my mom did not take it upon herself to schedule in an std/hiv test. nothing better than seeing the guy i am head over heels for because i am loaded with diseases and viruses. no really, somebody told my mom i am a huge whore. apparently it has kept her up all hours that in her mind i could have aids. i like how we are so open, but having to tell my mom how low the chances are. anyways at least it will be taken care of. oooooo the rent trailer is showing up on tv mmmmmmmm i get crazy chills every time i have to see kari, jessi, gerald, and jesse

November 2nd 2005 @ 4:31]
[ mood | anxious ]

MAC interview on Monday sweet!
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I'm 19, but i'm old for my age. [Tuesday,
November 1st 2005 @ 9:46]
rocky horror with jessicakes last night was so much fun, even if tom collins flaked. so the switch to photojournalism is official, and an appearent switch to CSUN. i have little to no plans for a long while. i was born to be bad.
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October 31st 2005 @ 9:29]
[ mood | giddy ]

so this weekend has been quite crazy so far
ups and downs, but mostly ups.

so last night i went to barona with my aunt, 
my forney(tom collins), and some of their co workers

we went to the buffet, and gambled. 
it was my first time, and not for me.
the best part was spending time with tom.
he is defiantly the type of man i want to spend
time with. the only problem is he never will act
in a timely manner, so i have to make all the moves.
i have known him for 4 months and we have only been
on official date. there have been several informal
instances, but they are never frequent enough. i 
am so excited for him because he is starting to
become more extroverted and opening up. i mean i don't
call him my forney for no reason. he is considering
going to graduate school and that is huge for him.

tonight he may accompany me to rocky horror with jessi.
his costume is keanu from "my own private idaho"
how awesome is that.
anyways enough of this gushing business.

October 30th 2005 @ 2:19]
beckoned to do so:

Three Names You Go By
1. Jeffrey
2. Jeff
3. Spartan

Three Parts of Your Heritage
1. Azorian
2. French
3. Germanic

Three Things That Scare You
1. religious zealots/irrational people as a whole
2. sea lions
3. artistically starving

Three of Your Everyday Essentials
1. passion
2. pondering time
3. art

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. white shirt
2. skinny jeans
3. ankle boots

Three of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists:
1. Sister Sisters
2. Placebo
3. Rilo Kiley

Three of Your Favorite Songs - at the moment
1. 'Will I?'
2. 'Tits on the Radio'
3. 'I'll Cover You (reprise)'

Three Things You Want in a Relationship (other than Real Love)
1. integrity
2. passion
3. intimacy

Three Physical Things about the Opposite(Same) Sex that Appeal to You
1. lips
2. intensity of his eyes
3. softness of skin

Three of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. hair/makeup
2. passionate conversation
3. sitting in thought

Three Things You Want to do Really Badly Right Now
1. bask in warm sunlight
2. float in water
3. snuggle under a soft cool comforter

Three Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. NYC
2. Vancouver
3. Spain

Three Things You Want to Do Before You Die
1. almost fully understand myself
2. pass on wisdom
3. express myself in many mediums

Three Ways that you are stereotypically a Chick/Guy
1. male anatomy
2. ?
3. ?

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